The Salt Cave was designed to help you leave your worries behind with the aid of soft golden lighting from the Himalayan Salt, peaceful music, and comfortable Anti Gravity lounge chairs with fresh blankets. We encourage this quiet time to be used for relaxation or meditation. This will ensure a quality experience for all in attendance. The Salt Cave creates a negative ion environment that helps relieve stress from today’s electronic devices.

Aside from the the already rich Himalayan Salt, a salt generator crushes pharmaceutical grade salt into micron-sized dry aerosol particles that are inhaled. Salt/Halotherapy is based on salt’s natural anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory properties and the negative ions it produces. The rich negative ion effect can be felt in nature in places like the ocean, near waterfalls and in pine forests. Our micro climate of negative ions and abundant minerals and elements packs the benefits of two days at the ocean into a 45 minute session. In this day and age we are exposed to a barrage of electromagnetic fields that produce positive ions such as from TV’s, cell phones, computers, power lines, appliances, etc. Himalayan salt’s natural production of negative ions benefits the whole body system and combats the effects of free radicals (positive ions) from our environment.

The benefits of halotherapy are wide ranging, with participants reporting a myriad of health benefits including increased mental acuity, reduced stress, reduced inflammation, and improved moods. Our salt cave is the cornerstone of our mission to provide holistic, healing services to our clients.

This place is amazing, so calming so relaxing, so beneficial physically and psychologically. I attended a guided meditation one visit and a sound immersion on another visit and they were both indescribable. You really do have to experience this cave made from Himalayan salt. Went with a group of friends and another time with my partner. I highly recommend visiting Purple Sage our overall experience was amazing.
— Flo


Standard 45 minute session $25

Five standard sessions $100

Ten standard sessions $180

Monthly (3o day) Unlimited $150

Reservations Recommended (802)879-1160

Monday - Friday 10am to 6pm

Saturday 10am - 5pm

Sunday 11am - 3pm

Sessions begin on the top of every hour, please arrive 10 minutes before scheduled appointment.

Arriving promptly for your session is imperative, as once the session has begun, out of respect for those already enjoying the effects, we do not interrupt the session that has started. If you cannot arrive on time, we will need to reschedule for the next available opening.

Wear comfortable clothing to ensure a relaxing session.  It is necessary to wear clean white socks. We will have white socks available if the need arises.

NO electronics are permitted in the cave. We are more than happy to hold them behind the front desk if you can’t leave them at home.

NO food or drink in the cave. There is water available before and after your session.